Picture an ad for event with a random person telling you how great it is. You might listen for a moment, and lose interest. 

Now picture that same ad with one of your favorite celebrities telling you how amazing it is. Now they’ve got your attention!

Adding celebrity endorsements to an event or a product can boost sales noticeably – about 4 percent on average. But why? Let’s take a closer look at how booking a celebrity can have an impact on selling…

1. Equating Quality With Quality

No matter what is being sold – whether it’s tickets to an event or a new shoe – people will see the product as being on par with the celebrity. 

In other words, “if it’s good enough for that famous and rich celebrity, then it’s good enough for me!” This is especially true when it’s a celebrity that connects with the target audience. 

2. Audience Reach

Celebrities are called celebrities because they’re celebrated by a lot of people. But it’s not just how much they’re adored by fans that’s an advantage for selling – it’s how many ways a celebrity can reach them.

For example, a celebrity can use various mediums to promote an event, from television to the internet to print magazines. So no matter what the medium of choice is for the viewer, they have a good chance of seeing the endorsement. 

3. FOMO Power

When celebrities talk up an event (or plan to be at one), people will clamor to get tickets to it. Why? People love being seen in places that will make others say “wow, I wish I was there!” That’s the power of FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Even better is the possibility of snapping a photo of that celebrity at an event, or having your picture taken with them. Nothing will make some people more envious than when they see a celebrity posing with a friend on their Instagram feed. 

4. Being Starstruck

Let’s be honest. Many celebrities make people swoon, either from their looks or their charm. Perhaps fans might even aspire to reach their level of acting, singing or athletic performance. 

And with that in mind, people will surely gravitate towards certain products and events when they see the beautiful faces of their favorite celebrities. (It’s probably no surprise that many celebrities have their own beauty lines.)

5. Brand Recall

Think back to some of the brands you know best. There’s a good chance that the brand has used a celebrity at some point in their advertising. 

When there’s a celebrity involved, the person is not just remembering the event or product – they’re associating it with a voice and face they can easily remember. Research has shown that males and females recall brands backed by a celebrity almost equally. 

Celebrate Celebrity Endorsements

Having a celebrity promote an event is a great way to create excitement among fans, as well as help them better remember a brand. Celebrity endorsements have been shown to boost sales while reaching audiences across several platforms. 

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