Across the world, 50 percent of the population uses social media. That equates to nearly four billion people, and the number continues to climb every year. For advertisers and marketers everywhere, social media is crucial to success.

When advertising events, social media should be a top priority for promotion. If you’re looking to maximize attention for your event, consider these five social media tips that are sure to boost attendance. 

1. Curate a Social Advertising Campaign

Before you launch a new event, it’s important to plan a thorough social media advertising campaign. If you want a high number of attendees, paid advertising on social media can be highly effective. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter offer flexible advertising targeted to specific users. A paid advertising tip for Facebook specifically is to choose the “engagement objective” option and optimize for “event responses.” This prioritizes showing advertisements to users who are likely to attend your event. 

When you curate a social advertising campaign, be sure to include multiple platforms for maximized reach.

2. Create Event Hashtags

As one of the best ways to increase social buzz, branded hashtags can promote conversation and awareness surrounding your event. The key to a great hashtag is making it catchy, simple and relevant to your event.

Create one unified hashtag that can be used across all social media platforms. When using an event hashtag, remember that it is only as good as your promotion. Use your hashtag on all promotional material and do so during all phases of the event’s campaign. 

3. Utilize Facebook Event Pages

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful social media platforms of all time. Facebook adds six new profiles to the platform every second and welcomes 500,000 new users daily. If you’re not harnessing the power that Facebook has, you’re missing out on key engagement for your event. 

As one of the first steps in a promotional campaign, create a Facebook event. Add key details and information about the event and invite members of your target audience to attend.

As users RSVP on Facebook events, it will be posted for all their friends to see. This creates free exposure to a massive amount of people. Facebook events also allow for a simple one-stop-shop for important event information, ticket sales and promotion.

4. Host Social Media Contests

Social media contests help spread the word of your event and create incentive to attend.

A great way to host a social media contest is by using your event hashtag. Ask potential attendees a question or create a challenge related to the event. For contests winners, consider offering free entry and other exclusive perks. 

This tactic will create impactful buzz and likely heavily increase attendance to your event. 

5. Harness the Power of Event Advocates

If you’re having guest speakers or entertainers at your event, consider the power of their platform. Think of this like celebrity endorsements. Your speaker or entertainer will likely have a following interested in their voice.

Work with your event advocate and tap into their audience on social media.

TAs an advocate, your speaker or entertainer will also benefit from promoting your event. More attendees ultimately mean more attention to what they’re providing. 

Master Social Media When Advertising Events 

For a successful event, remember that social media promotion should be a top priority. Through event advocates, contests, hashtags and paid advertising, you can master social media when advertising events.

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