Corporate events are expensive and you want to make sure that your attendees, and you, get your monies worth. One key to creating a memorable event is to have powerful event speakers.

Read on as we share tips on finding the right event speaker for your corporate event.

How to Find The Right Event Speakers for Your Corporate Event

A lot goes into planning a corporate event so don’t let the small details overwhelm the key functions of the event. Corporate event planners can help you with all of the details while you focus on finding the right speakers.

1. Ask Previous Event Attendees

Your goal is to provide the content your attendees desire. So ask them what they want. Poll prior year attendees to learn who they would like to see.

Incorporate this method into all your annual events, it keeps your pulse on the needs of your audience. In addition, it will tell you who to invite back and who was not really a hit.

If you identify a few great speakers can label them as “crowdsourced” and use it in your event marketing strategy.  

2. Use Social Media

If someone is a captivating public speakers chances are then having a significant social media following. Use this to find the next speaker for your event. 

To find the right speaker use a search engine like Buzzsumo to find trending content, then you can look up the source.

Now do a little sleuthing. Look at the authors of the content, and those mentioned in the content, to find a niche speaker that meets your needs.

3. Don’t Forget YouTube

There is an added benefit for searching YouTube, you can do an audition from your couch in your pajamas. Use the search feature embedded in the YouTube site and do some watching.

It is in your best interested to do your own searches after you have identified potential candidates. Just because someone is an engaging speaker doesn’t mean they are the expert your corporate event needs. 

4. Look at Your Competitors

Who is active in the space and presenting at other similar corporate events. Check out, this LinkedIn product allows you to search for keywords withing presentations from previous conferences.

Tools like FollowerWonk from Twitter will give you biographies to review before you reach out to the presenters you have found. 

5. Identify a Great Debut Speaker

This method takes a little more work, has a little more risk, but comes with a huge payoff. You can search blogs, social media, or YouTube to find the next breakout start and highlight them, you have set your corporate event apart from all others.

You have many paths to finding a great speaker for your corporate event, so grab some coffee and your computer and do some sleuthing.

Do You Need Help Creating a Memorable Corporate Event?

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