Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Hangout… what do these random words have in common? 

They’re among the best music festivals in the US. And that’s no easy feat, considering how saturated the music festival market has become over the last ten years. There’s at least one festival happening every weekend starting in March and going all the way through the end of the festival season in October.

So, how do these top music festivals stay relevant and successful while others flounder after just one year? Keep reading to find out what the best festivals have in common!

1. Unique Identity

All of the best music festivals have a unique identity and an identifiable brand. Festivals will design their website, promo videos, and lineup posters to match their brand and, more importantly, you can feel their identity while you’re attending the festival.

On the same note, festivals that fail either don’t have a unique identity or they have an identity that doesn’t resonate with the fans. 

2. Diverse Lineup

People primarily go to festivals to see their favorite artists. So if you don’t book some of the top acts in the world, along with great undercard acts, your festival will underperform. 

But it’s not just about booking great artists. You also need to create a diverse lineup that appeals to a wide range of fans. The more diverse your lineup is, the more diverse your attendance will be.

Consider Coachella’s lineup this year, which features Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, and Frank Ocean as the headliners. These artists appeal to a wide range of fans which is why they are selling tickets at a lightning-fast pace.

3. Great Production

Booking great artists is only half the journey. You also need stellar production to put on great shows for your fans.

Some of the best music festivals in the world have incredible stage designs and production that people will go to the festivals regardless of the lineup.

A lot of the top acts bring a huge production with them and your festival needs to be able to support them in putting on a great show. If something goes wrong with the production, it can ruin the festival experience for both fans and artists.

4. Smooth Operation

One of the most important aspects of a big music festival is how easy it is for fans to navigate. If fans have to wait for several hours every day to get into your festival, they probably won’t want to come back next year. 

You also want to make sure things run smoothly so your attendees and staff are safe. You don’t want mobs of people trampling others trying to get from stage to stage. 

The best festivals in the world have mastered crowd control and logistics to create a stress-free event.

5. Put the Fans First

With any business, you need to value your customers. Music festivals are no different and the best festivals listen to their fans every year and value their input. 

Top festivals will listen to fan concerns and make adjustments every year to improve any aspect of the event that needs attention.

Make Your Event One of the Best Music Festivals in the US

Breaking into the music festival industry is not easy, as showcased by dozens of failed festivals over the last few years. But if you follow the lead of the best music festivals in the US, your event can be successful.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you throw an epic music festival event.