Our world has an unhealthy obsession with celebrities. Who they’re dating, what they’re wearing, what products they’re using. 

This infatuation with the lives of celebrities makes them extremely valuable for advertising purposes. Want to sell a product? Have a celebrity endorse it.

Want to boost your resort? Invite a celebrity to stay there for a weekend.

If people think that a certain celebrity is going to be at an event, or even if they just support an event, these people will be more likely to attend. 

If you’re looking to boost your event with celebrity advertisements, read on for our best tips and methods. 

Have a Celebrity Attend Your Event

This is one of the most effective and most expensive methods of celebrity endorsement. 

If you can attach a celebrity to your event, people will attend just in the hopes of brushing shoulders with the said celebrity. This is a great way to market an event with a high price tag.

It’s also a great way to market an event that relies more on direct sales. Imagine that there’s an event promoting a new line of sportswear. Not that exciting.

Now imagine Lady GaGa at the event, hanging out with everyday humans. It sounds like something you want to attend, right?

Have a Celebrity Post on Their Instagram Story

Instagram is an extremely influential platform for advertising. Regular people have built careers off of their popularity on Instagram without ever being famous for anything outside of the app. 

Having a celebrity endorsement for your event on Instagram can be extremely effective. Promoted posts can help boost your event, but stories are where the real magic happens.

It’s easy to scroll past a photo of our favorite celebrity, hit that heart button and never read the caption about whatever they’re promoting. However, if they make a 10-second announcement on their Instagram story about that same event, our attention is captured. 

Make Sure Your Celebrity Matches Your Target Audience

When considering a celebrity endorsement for an event, it’s essential to identify your target audience and make sure your celebrity appeals to that audience.

If you’re marketing a corporate event, don’t have Kylie Jenner post on her Instagram. It’s going to be expensive and nobody in your target audience is going to see it. 

If you’re marketing a sporting event, use athletes to advertise. if it’s a fashion event, use models or movie stars. Marketing an event with the wrong celebrity can be a costly mistake. 

Backup Your Celebrity Advertisements With Solid Marketing

These ideas can all help boost your event, but you can’t rely completely on celebrity advertisements.

A quick word from a famous celebrity can garner interest in your event, but if it isn’t backed up with a good marketing plan, you won’t make it past the interest phase. Make sure you’re able to turn that interest into attendance with solid marketing.  

For more tips on event planning and celebrity endorsements, keep reading. We have all the tips you need to succeed.