While the internet makes it easy for us to connect across oceans, it’s no substitute for in-person interactions. In fact, 84% of company leaders believe in-person marketing and corporate events to be the most effective way to make sales and build business connections.

In order to make the most connections, it’s important to come up with summer themes for conferences and events that allow everyone to have a good time. Read on for some ideas on how you can plan an awesome company event this season!

Classy and Formal Events

The first possible event theme is, of course, a classy gala. This is a great excuse for people to have fun dressing up for a black-tie event and wear those classy accessories that they love so much. It’s also a great chance for people to have fun tasting quality food and sampling expensive wines.

Formal events are good for corporate parties because they allow everyone to maintain a professional persona. This lets people talk business while still being in a fun and unique setting. Additionally, those at a formal event can make connections with others that they don’t know well since the food, decor, and clothing are all opportunities for interesting small talk.

Roaring 20s Summer Themes

Since it’s 2020, why not celebrate the fact that we’re in our own Roaring 20s by getting your Gatsby on this summer? If you’re looking for a unique and interesting corporate event idea that people are sure to love, a 20s themed party is a great way to go.

There are tons of fun ideas as to how this can be orchestrated. Ask everyone to come in 20s-style apparel and play some ragtime, broadway, or jazz over the radio. You can also serve roast beef, pasta, or the pickled veggies that were popular during this time period!

Outdoor Vibes

Summertime is a season where the great outdoors beckons, so you could set up your corporate event to be a barbecue-slash-picnic.

Choose a large venue where people can take part in outdoor team-building activities so that workplace bonds can be strengthened. You can create a volleyball or softball tournament in which business departments or branches play against one another.

Make sure that you have enough picnic tables as well as some vegetarian options, too- everyone deserves to have a good time!

Film and Television Ideas

Everyone likes to watch movies and shows, so you can create a theme based around this. Choose a popular genre or franchise and book a celebrity to speak at your event. This is a surefire way to get people excited and build bonds between coworkers.

Plan an Awesome Event

While there are many different aspects to planning a summer event for your company, coming up with an awesome theme is one of the most essential first steps.

Now that you know how to choose summer themes that will allow for awesome corporate events, it’s time to visit our contact page. Our experts are more than happy to answer any events that you may have about event planning before helping you book a celeb to attend your function.