Looking for a new way to promote your brand? Hiring a celebrity to endorse you is a great way to get more brand recognition, increase trust in your brand’s quality, and ultimately increase sales.

Getting a celebrity to endorse your product is a big investment, but there are several reasons why doing so is worth your money. Here are three reasons why celebrity brand endorsement works and why they’re worth the investment.

1. Associate a Familiar Face With Your Brand

The human brain is programmed to remember faces and associate feelings with those faces. In the primal days, this helped us distinguish friend from foe. The more familiar the face, the more likely we are to trust them.

As it turns out, our brains don’t really have a filter for whether we have actually seen the face in real life or whether we have a relationship with the person. The brain just says “This is a familiar face that makes us happy so we trust them.”

So, our brains process the faces of celebrities that we like as trustworthy friends, even though we don’t know these people permanently. That’s why we all sometimes feel like a celebrity is our own personal BFF.

When people see a familiar face associated with your brand, their brain makes the connection. So, it feels to them like a trustworthy friend is talking to them about your brand.

Having a familiar face attached to your brand also helps people remember the brand promotion. This is especially true if you can get a celebrity to come to one of your brand’s events.

2. Associate Your Brand With a Celebrity’s Expertise

When choosing a celebrity for your brand, it’s important to choose one that is associated with your brand’s industry. This signals the consumer that a famous expert in the field of your brand uses and trusts the product.

That’s why Nike has professional athletes promote their shoes. It’s why Cover Girl uses top models in their commercials and ads.

We as consumers of media assume that an athlete knows which shoes are the best and models know which makeup is the best. When we have those assumptions confirmed because those celebrities appear in an ad for those products, we automatically believe the product is high-quality.

So, hiring a celebrity to endorse your brand adds legitimacy to your brand.

3. People Want to be Like Celebrities

The obsession with celebrities has never been more intense than it is today. Social media has made it so we get a (highly curated) peek into the inner lives of our favorite celebrities. We get to see and read about the “wow they’re just like me” moments every day.

There is still one major difference between us regular people and celebrities – they have access to a life that we don’t. When we do things that celebrities do – go the places they go, eat the foods they eat, use the products they endorse – we feel like we’re closer to living a life like theirs.

So, getting a celebrity to endorse your brand makes it more alluring to people who want to feel like they’re living the high life the way their favorite celebrities do.

How Can You Get a Celebrity Brand Endorsement?

Now that you know celebrity endorsements work, you’re probably wondering how you can get hire a celebrity for your brand endorsement. It’s actually easier than you think!

We can help you get just about any celebrity out there to attend an event or work with you on a promotional campaign. Get in touch today to find out how.