Celebrity Product Endorsement

A celebrity product endorsement builds trust and familiarity with your brand or product. Research has proven that a celebrity product endorsement can increase sales by 4% and also drive stock prices up. Beckon Entertainment has a proven track record of connecting businesses with celebrity endorsers who can drive sales for your brand. From actors and comedians to musicians and bands or even pro athletes, Beckon Entertainment can link you to some of the most recognizable household names in the world. With nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, let us put our connections to work for you today.

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Contagious Buzz

Use the power of a celebrity endorsement to generate contagious product buzz! Celebrities have tremendous reach and amazing numbers of followers who watch their every move. A celebrity endorsement for your product or service can generate buzz that dwarfs traditional marketing efforts. Beckon Entertainment can secure virtually any artist to endorse your brand. Our years of service in the entertainment industry have allowed us to build a network of inside connections that is second to none. The most recognized names in nearly any industry are available to endorse your product or service, thanks to Beckon Entertainment. If you don’t see the name of a celebrity on our website, that does not mean that they are out of reach for an endorsement. Contact us for a full list of available talent within our network – you might be surprised that we do in fact have connections to your desired celebrity endorser.

The Perfect Match

Beckon Entertainment is the premier celebrity endorsement provider and booking agency in Nashville, TN. Not every celebrity is the right choice for every brand. Our years of work in the entertainment industry have allowed us to gain insight and vision to help pair celebrity endorsers with the right products, services, brands and non-profits to ensure maximum impact. The right celebrity endorsement can provide years of impact on consumer familiarity with your brand. And no celebrity endorsement is out of reach when you have the dedication, professionalism and friendly support of Beckon Entertainment helping you to pursue the perfect match. Many celebrities also have a tremendous reach on social media, which makes them especially effective in making new customers aware of your brand. A trusted endorsement can offer a tremendous boost in sales and product awareness. Let Beckon Entertainment be your gateway to the perfect celebrity endorsement for you.

Your Celebrity Source

We are a full service, one-stop shop for everything related to talent buying and acquisition in Nashville. No celebrity appearance or endorsement is completely out of reach when you have Beckon Entertainment in your corner. Whether you need an athlete, musician, actress, author or famous host to endorse your product or service, Beckon Entertainment can help. Corporate and private events, conferences, concerts and festivals are just a few of the major events that Beckon Entertainment has provided incredible celebrity talent for, and we continue to be the premier talent agency in Nashville. When you need a reliable and experienced talent acquisition partner on your side, we can put our network connections and expertise to work for you. Let a celebrity endorsement enhance and build your customer reach beyond anything you have previously imagined! Contact us at Beckon Entertainment to find out why we are Nashville’s trusted celebrity source.

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Why Celebrity Endorsements work

Celebrities have a built-in trust factor because most consumers feel as if we know them personally. Many fans of celebrities want to emulate them. When a celebrity endorses a product or service, those fans will want to support those same things. Having the face of a celebrity attached to your brand makes it stand out in the minds of consumers. Buyers will be more drawn to your product because they recognize the person endorsing it and have positive feelings toward that endorser. Research also shows consumers are more likely to remember ads that feature a celebrity.

Marketing experts add that traditional forms of advertising are no longer effective among consumers who have grown up in the internet age, especially millennial customers. Modern buyers look for reviews and endorsements from people they trust. This how the right celebrity endorsement can open up an entirely new demographic group for your product or service! Having a celebrity endorser for your product reinforces its quality in the minds of consumers. We know that celebrities are wealthy and therefore, understand that products they endorse must be of the highest quality. This improves your brand’s image by leaps and bounds.

Still Have Questions?

The celebrities listed here are only a sample of the available endorsement options we can connect you with — there are many more available. Get in touch with us via email or phone at Beckon Entertainment and we can provide you a full list of potential endorsers.
We hear this question a lot and obviously, the price range for a celebrity endorsement or event appearance can vary a great deal. Most of the time there is a flat performance guarantee, plus additional expenses to cover travel, lodging and so forth. Any expenses related to production such as a stage or audio and video recording are also paid by the sponsor. The “all-in” number is determined based on all of the variables such as event type, date, location, travel time and more. Email Beckon Entertainment or give us a call to begin the budgeting forecast process.
Yes! Beckon Entertainment offers “Production Only Services” and would be happy to discuss the options with you. Call or email us today to begin the conversation.
Yes! Beckon Entertainment has produced events and booked artists speakers throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and more. Our experienced team is equipped to handle international events, customs and immigration, working with foreign governments, and shipping gear around the globe. Contact us to discuss the options.
The sooner the better. Our production schedule for large-scale events begins a year out, but we understand that this is not always possible. Beckon Entertainment can accommodate extremely short time frames when necessary. We’ve secured A-level, internationally recognizable talent in as little as a week. Call or email us to begin the process today!