In 2016, there were about 5.6 million employer firms in the U.S. Need to stand out among this crowd of business competitors? A corporate event could be the answer.

Company events can serve a wide range of purposes. They can help get the word out to new customers, or help keep existing customers happy. They can build hype around a new product, or show how invested you are in your employees.

In fact, company events often serve multiple purposes at the same time. However, there are many different types of events you can host. Not sure which one to choose? This detailed guide to types of events will help.

Team-Building Events

Need to foster creativity and happiness in your employees? A fun team-building event can help strengthen those connections. 

These events translate to better employee retention, since they allow you to give back to your team. They also create an environment where employees from different departments get to connect. These connections can lead to creative new solutions for your company, as well as greater employee motivation and investment.

Product Launches

When your business is unveiling a new product, it only makes sense to celebrate it with a great event.

A product launch can get both employees and customers excited about the future. They give much-needed media exposure and a chance to get new, shareable social media content. Perhaps most importantly, new customers get to learn about your business through these events, and might just buy your exciting new product.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are massive events, and for most companies, it doesn’t make sense to host your own. Still, attending a trade show is a great way to grow your business.

At this type of corporate event, you’ll set up a booth to draw people in. You’ll foster connections with other businesses and get the word out about your own. Brands of all sizes can benefit from going to trade shows.


Investing in employee training is another way to benefit your company and your employees at the same time.

Seminars offer exciting, interactive educational opportunities for your team. They’re often aimed at managers or leaders, rather than everyone on staff. People should come away from a seminar energized and inspired with new ideas. 

Holiday Parties

Finally, not all types of events should be focused on training and growing the business. Occasionally, you should invest in letting your employees gather for some pure, company-related fun.

An annual holiday party is a great way to do just that. This shows that you’re invested in your employees’ happiness, not just in their ability to do the job. 

Which Corporate Event Will You Plan?

Most companies should have more than one type of corporate event each year. While a small business may start with just one, as your company grows, so will your list of events.

However, planning all those different types of events can be daunting. Pairing with an experienced entertainment company will help you get better results with less stress.

Not sure what that event production help can look like? We’re happy to answer your questions — contact us today to get started!