79% of marketers in the US generate sales when they use event marketing. As you can see, using events to meet prospects face-to-face and get them into the sales funnel is very effective.

Corporate events can have a great ROI, but you have to do it right to see that pay off. So where do you start and how do you put together an event that’ll go off without a hitch?

Here’s the only corporate event planning checklist you’ll need.

Plan Ahead of Time

Get together with all the stakeholders and determine what it is you want to achieve, from before to after the event. For example, if you want more leads, then plan for lots of marketing before the event and sales outreach afterward.

The next important subject is budget. Even if you’re planning a year in advance, you need a rough budget to ensure you’re not spending too much per prospect.

Then, make sure everyone understands what responsibilities they have. You may be in charge of booking celebrity appearances, while your colleague is in charge of catering. By clearly assigning responsibilities, you’ll ensure there’s no overlap.

Figure out the Venue

In your planning, you’ve probably figured out the theme and format you want for your corporate event. The next logical step is to figure out which venue you want to suit your purposes.

Just like with Goldilocks, you don’t want the venue to be too big (it’ll feel like not many people attended) or too small (it’ll feel claustrophobic). 

Not only do you need to consider the amenities at said place, but you also need to think about the location. For instance, if you’re expecting attendees to fly in, is it easily accessible from the airport? Is it close to the vendors you’re using?

Once you’ve figured this out, make sure you book early. Some hot venues are booked out a year in advance, sometimes 2 years, so nab a spot early on to secure your venue.

Research and Book Speakers and Entertainment

The speakers and entertainment you book will be the meat of your corporate event. You need to do thorough research to determine who suits your event’s purposes.

For example, if you want short presentations throughout the day, then you’ll want to go with speakers who have a track record of keeping it short and simple.

Also, the entertainment should match the event atmosphere. If it’s laidback, a band that does covers of pop songs can do the trick. But if it’s more formal, that may not be appropriate.

Make Corporate Event Planning Easy With This List

This comprehensive corporate event planning checklist will be just what you need to get everything ready for the big day.

In addition to all the above, make sure you do fantastic marketing for the event as well. This includes ads, social media posts, and a branded website where attendees can find out more about the event and register. Without enough exposure, you may miss out on potential prospects, so make sure to invest in quality marketing!

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