Live music is a $4.3 billion industry. So, how do you get a piece of this action?

Your success all depends on your preparation as festivals take a lot of organizational skills. 

If you want to know how to start a music festival then there are three core mistakes you should avoid. 

Read on to find out the secret to festival greatness.

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Timing is everything when making a music festival business plan. You want to start preparations at least a year before your desired festival date. 

Spreading out your timeline will help you stretch your budget and lower your level of stress.

You will also have time to book talented bands before they make other arrangements. Securing bands early allows you to begin marketing and promoting your festival to excite festival-goers. 

Renting equipment for your stage areas and obtaining permits needs to be done in advance as well. 

Vendors may take their time to commit to your festival so you need a large window with a strong deadline. Make the requirements for vending clear on your website to make sure vendors do not back out of the festival.

Finally, you need to give your audience enough time to purchase tickets and plan their festival season. You have a lot of competition. Even though 32 million people attend festivals, they only attend an average of one each year. 

2. Don’t Forget About Non-Performance Space

If you want to know how to start a festival then you have to think about the space other than the performance area.

Your festival’s layout will depend on if it is a multi-day event and if you are providing a camping area. Overnight attendees will not only need bathrooms, but they will also require showers, convenience shops, and a place to sleep.

The bands will need a place to set up and store their equipment, so factor in this when you layout your stages. 

In addition to performances, you will need to entertain your guests in between sets. Think about a space for music festival activities to keep them busy. This could include art exhibits, gaming areas, or amateur acts.

3. Don’t Skimp on Security and Crowd Control

The biggest issue with outdoor music festivals is handling the large crowd. Attendee safety and the safety of your staff are necessary for a successful festival.

While organizing a festival be sure to block off areas that could allow people to sneak into the venue. Guard the entrances, perimeter, and camping sites with security to monitor activity.

When the festival opens, you want to direct people without causing overcrowding. Use queues to create lines wherever people gather.

Keep exits, entrances, medical tents, and water stations clearly marked and spread across the area. This will ensure that too many people aren’t in the same location all at once. 

Getting Help With How to Start a Music Festival

If this is your first time then you might want to hire an event production company that will teach you how to start a music festival. They can handle the linguistics like booking bands, renting equipment, and promoting your event. 

Contact us today to get a head start on the festival of your dreams.