There are a number of advantages to hiring an A-Lister to attend your next event. In today’s social circles, the presence of a VIP at your engagement can make or break a gathering. 

This is where a celebrity booking guide comes into play. 

People have a certain type of affinity for different celebrities. When those celebrities make moves—purchases or appearances—they do the same. Having a celeb in attendance brings awareness to you, your brand, and your social status. 

But none of this matters if you don’t understand how to negotiate and contract one.

If booking a celebrity feels like a mysterious task to you, you need to read this. We’ve put together some facts about celebrity booking you should know first. Here’s how to book a celeb!

Budgeting Is the Most Important Aspect of Celebrity Booking

Booking a celebrity isn’t as simple a phone call. It may appear that way. But there’re are a lot of behind the scenes negotiations that happen, putting things in play. First of which is costs.

So before you pick up the phone, put together a budget for your event. Take into consideration: 

Booking Fees

Who you hire depends on what you’re willing to spend. Yes, celebrities are entertainers, but they’re business people as well. You can’t simply Google their booking fees and requirements and call it a day. 

A-Listers like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran are some of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. Booking one of them won’t come without putting a dent in your budget. 

You need to give thought to transportation—ground and air, hotel, and food. Also, keep in mind that topnotch celebs like their privacy. So you may have to spring for a private jet and special rooming accommodations. 

The Type of Event

Public and private events offer different types of exposure, depending on who’s in attendance. Celebrities consider this and you should as well.

If you’re hiring a celebrity for a private event, expect to pay more. They’ll spell out their reasoning for this in their riders


Depending on the celeb, the type, location, and size of the venue matters when it comes down to dollars and cents. This is where booking gets tricky.

Too small of a venue doesn’t generate enough sales or exposure. That’s an automatic no for some celebrities. However, large venues may cost you extra. 

All these things affect your profit margin. Expect to spend time coming up with a sound budget for your event. 

Introduce Yourself to Their Agent 

Don’t expect to speak directly to a celebrity. They have representatives and agents that speak and negotiate on their behalf. 

If you want to book a celebrity, introduce yourself to their agent.

Agents get paid to look for and book work for their clients. Thanks to modern technology, you can find the agent and booking information on a celebrity’s website or social media page. 

Schedule a phone call or meeting with them to get a feel for how they negotiate for their client. Keep the interaction professional and provide the necessary details for your event. 

Follow-up within a few days if need be. 

If you cannot get in contact with an agent or manager, hire a talent buyer. A talent buyer is a professional agency that acts as a go-between for an agent and an interested party. 

They work on commission, so expect to add them into your budget if you go that route. Also, ask for a copy of their portfolio. Make sure they have a professional history of dealing with celebrity agents. 

Hire a Celebrity

A celebrity appearance can make your event memorable. But you need to know the professional approach for booking one.

The process may seem foreign at first. But once you get comfortable after reading this guide, you’ll be able to book quality entertainment. 

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